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Established as the pioneering College of Arts, Chung-Ang University’s Dance Department is composed of three genres including Korean Dance, Ballet and Modern Dance. The university brings up professional dancers competent in both academic knowledge and artistry based on logical and phased education methods, combining in-depth theory and practical techniques. The college program trains its students as prominent figures to contribute to the art world through curriculum of abundant contents related to the field of dance such as art management and planning.

We represent the best faculty in related fields, and their backgrounds in energetic performance and academic activities are ready soil to bring up talented and needed future leaders of the art world. Outstanding students both academic-wise and art-wise are encouraged to major in Dance Art at Chung-Ang University’s Graduate School (Graduate School, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Art) to become prominent, ideal figures with competence beyond the level that is expected in society. There are students currently building career dance tutors in the education field. Also, for students with proved diligence, a number of scholarship opportunities are available to support those with high academic performance and concours achievements.

Specified Major

The Dance Department consists of three specified genres including Korean Dance, Ballet, and Modern Dance. Students of each major can choose and learn the required theoretical courses reflecting their talents and taste.

Diverse Curriculum

The Dance Department proposes education specified by fields and various practical classes such as fusion between different fields of art, as well as providing the opportunity for students to experience practical approaches to art management and planning through the curriculum./p>


The majors in the Department of Dance consist of Korean traditional dance, ballet and contemporary dance and the students select and study theoretical studies on their preference and requirement.

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