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Goal of Education

Korean Dance majors comprehensively analyze and organize various typical and traditional dancing motion techniques such as Hakche, Gungche and Pilche of the Korean dance; they acquire systematic and phased principle of Korean dance and aim to enhance skills through various practice and activities for development of performance creation skills.

Modern Dance majors learn precise methods reflecting the idea of the physical body serving as a medium for expression, in addition to the notion that manifestation of motions are materials for expression; they learn that all successive physical movements begin with breathing, and that the process of respiration consisting of inhalation, holding and exhalation of breath is the core strength of the absorption power reflected in the pattern of strength flow starting from the center of the body. Also, purpose is to create and perform motions and performances that are responsive to the contemporary era.

Ballet majors practice and acquire the basic principle of ballet education through various physical training and basic practical techniques that enhance physical flexibility, balance, endurance, sense of rhythm and expression skills to enable proficiency in performing the ‘ballet language,’ as well as acquiring a wide range of knowledge of the ballet field.

Grade 과목

1st grade

Introduction to Dance / Ballet1/ Minor - Dance1(Ballet) / Minor - Dance1(Korean Dance) / Minor-Dance1(Modern Dance) / Western Dance Music / Korean Dance1 / Modern Dance1/

Dance Music Training1 / Ballet2 / Minor - Dance2(Ballet) / Minor - Dance2(Korean Dance) / Minor - Dance2(Modern Dance) / Korean Dance2 / Modern Dance2/
2nd grade

Dance Directing / Ballet3 / Minor - Dance3(Ballet) / Minor - Dance3(Korean Dance) / Minor - Dance3(Modern Dance) / Understanding of the Human Body / Ethnic Dance1 / Korean Dance3 / Modern Dance3/ 1

Dance Costumes / Ballet4 / Minor - Dance4(Ballet) / Minor - Dance4(Korean Dance) / Minor - Dance4(Modern Dance) / Korean Dance4 / Modern Dance4/
3rd grade

Theory of Creating Dance / Ballet5 / Ballet Creative Workshop1 / Swimming / Jazz1 / Korean Dance5 / Korean Dance Creative Workshop1 / Modern Dance5 / Modern Dance Creative Workshop1/

Ball Games / Free Gymnastics / Dance Music Training2 / Ballet6 / Ballet Creative Workshop2 / Jazz2 / Principle of Physical Education / Korean Dance6 / Korean Dance Impromptu / Korean Dance Creative Workshop2 / Modern Dance6 / Modern Dance Creative Workshop2/
4th grade

Theoretical Paper Guidance / Repertoire / Ballet7 / Ballet Variation / Ballet Choreography / Korean Dance7 / Korean Dance Choreography / Modern Dance7 / Modern Dance Impromptu / Modern Dance Choreography / 1

Ballet8 / Ballet Creative On-field Practice / Somatotherapy / Performance Analysis / School Health Care / Korean Dance8 / Korean Dance Creative On-field Practice / Modern Dance8 / Modern Dance Creative On-field Practice
Dance major
Chung-Ang University


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